Fossil Fuel Industries

The Voice of the Fossil Fuel Industry

The Fossil Fuel industries have marketed their presence even more than their products in recent years as the public has become aware of the impact that the industry is having on the environment and our climate.   The following links allow some overview.

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers  (CAPP)

CAPP Producer Members    –  a complete list of Canada’s Oil and Natural Gas Producers

CAPP Associate Members  –  CAPP’s 150 associate members which provide a wide range of services

Besides the extensive day-by-day television and print media advertising, CAPP has developed a website presence that is shown here.

CAPP’s perspective is depicted in detail by means of graphics, video and strong statements.   Lifting their perspective to its highest level, they state:   ‘In Canada’s oil sands, energy is more than a product, it’s a spirit. It’s about thousands of Canadians, of all ages, working on new and better ways to fuel our country, grow our economy and reduce impact on the environment. Canada’s oil sands energy is energy we can be proud of. Because in Canada…We’re pretty good at this.’

In November 2013 the Canadian Museum of Civilization (now called The Canadian Museum of History) announced that the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), with funding from Canada’s Oil Sands Producers, would be an Official Partner of the Museum and the National Presenting Sponsor of its 1867 exhibition and related programming.

Canada’s Energy Education Resource.    The Energy IQ program and Energy IQ website content is researched, created and evaluated by Canadian Geographic Education. The program aims to increase energy and geographic literacy in Canada by including information about all resources, both renewable and non-renewable, that are a part of Canada’s energy mix. Energy IQ receives financial support from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

Shell Oil Company

The Great Energy Challenge   The National Geographic, in partnership with Shell Oil Company, has launched the Great Energy Challenge. This is their website presentation.

Classroom Energy Diet Challenge   (Facebook)  The Canadian Geographic Society in conjunction with Shell Oil Company launched this program.

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