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The signs are everywhere.   Extreme weather events are being experienced by you and me and people around the world by the week.    Winters that won’t stop.   Fires that rage out of control.   Floods that destroy homes and livelihoods.   What’s happening!

Unknowingly, we have done this to ourselves.   We’ve created this imbalance in nature by relentlessly burning too much oil, gas, and coal.   Little did we know it, but we know it now.   We’ve loved these fossil fuels and all the benefits they’ve provided, but we know now they’re destroying us and our future.

This has to stop.   We have to change our ways.  But can we do it?

 Yes, we Can Do it.




“Climate Can Do”  is your weekly ‘newspaper’  that tells you what others are doing to make this happen.   These are success stories.   Stories to talk about and copy.

                                                                                                                                                                            What else can we do?

We can divest from investments in the fossil fuel industry and instead put out money into green industries.    This won’t have any effect on the fossil fuel industry, at least for now, but it is a key signal from those who want a brighter future for themselves, their children, and the generations to come, that they are going to invest in that future and not just pay lip service to it.







“The Divestment Weekly News” provides current news on where the movement to divest from fossil fuels is going and the stark advice that is now coming from authoritative people who now realize we’re heading into a fossil fuel bubble and that continuing to invest in fossil fuels is not a wise choice for long-term secure investments.

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