Ontario Energy Board Energy East Consultation.

April 7, 2014

Ontario Energy Board (OEB) Energy East Consultation.

The OEB, at the request of Ontario’s Minister of Energy, is presently conducting a 2-stage consultation with Ontario citizens at 7 locations along the Ontario section of the TransCanada Corp’s proposed Energy East pipeline, a proposal that would convert an existing gas pipeline from Alberta to Eastern Canada and include an extension to St. John, N.B.

This Community Discussion Presentation, which took place in Stittsville, ON at the Johnny Leroux Arena, included OEB representatives and consultants (Jakes Abes, Dean Mutrie) and featured 9 presentations followed by audience discussion and comments.   Those presenting included Mayor Doug Struthers (Village of Merrickville-Walford), five Carleton University students, Ayah Stretch (Stittsville Village Association), Andrea Harden-Donaghue (Council of Canadians), Ben Powless (Ecology Ottawa), Liz Bernstein,  a local business representative, Muthanna Subbaiah (350 Ottawa), and Stephanie Bolt (Ottawa Riverkeeper).

Besides such consultations with the public, such as this one in Stittsville, the OEB invites the public to “Have Your Say” .

Expertly facilitated, the presentations and discussion brought forth well-considered points of view, many focusing particularly on the pipeline’s impact on climate change.

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