Letter to Council Candidates

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The following letter from 350 Ottawa and followers is being emailed to all candidates for the position of Mayor and Council member.  We’re hoping to have responses from each candidate that will give voters a better understanding when it comes time to vote.

Dear (Candidate),

We understand that you are a candidate for councillor in the upcoming Ottawa municipal election.

We are a local climate change action group, 350 Ottawa. We would like to inform our members and others on the position of each candidate councillor, yourself included, on important questions of relevance to climate change and the residents of Ottawa.

We request your responses to the following questions by Tuesday October 14th at the latest. We will post the responses of all candidates on our website, 350ottawa.org, at least one week before the election.

1. Energy East Pipeline

Are you concerned that the proposed Energy East pipeline, planned to cross the south of Ottawa, poses risks to our climate and to the water in the southern Ottawa region?

Would you be willing to support an independent risk assessment of this project?

Would you oppose the project if it is deemed to be a significant risk?

2. Ottawa’s Climate Change Plan

The City of Ottawa recently passed a climate change action plan. While this is a significant step, we consider that an important element missing from that plan is divestment of the City’s stocks in fossil fuels. As fossil fuels are the primary cause of climate change, a serious climate change plan should include selling off (divesting) stocks in fossil fuel companies (oil, gas and coal), and preferably reinvesting that money in sustainable fossil-fuel-free holdings. Approximately 1.5% of the City’s total investment portfolio is currently in fossil fuel companies.

Would you support a plan to divest these stocks, over the next five years?

Thank you very much for your consideration of these questions.

Best wishes for the election.

Yours sincerely,

350 Ottawa (website: 350ottawa.org)

Paul Beckwith
Megan Bowers
Deborah Broad
Mark Brooks
Anna Crawford
David Creighton
Frances Deverell
Larry Dobson
Lenore Fahrig
Julie Gourley
Steve Graham
Charles Hodgson
Candace Labelle
Debra Mair
Paul Merriam
Rolly Montpellier
William Nuttle
James O’Grady
Canute Planthara
David Rhynas
Meg Sears
Jason Smith
Phil Soubliere
Cristalle Watson

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