Spill, Cold Lake, Alberta August 2013

Currently the Ontario Energy Board is conducting hearings around TransCanada’s proposed Energy East Pipeline.    The deadline for public comments in the first stage of this process was April 30, 2014.

350 Ottawa and thousands of others stand firmly opposed to this proposal.   Built primarily to bring in higher profits to the oil industry the pipeline brings with it major risks to Canadians from Alberta to St. John, N.B.   Oil spills and contaminated sources of water for Canadians at any point along the way are just part of a long list of potential problems.  Finally, at the end of the line, burning the 1.1 million barrels of tar sands products per day that the pipeline will carry is not the way to go if we’re to win the fight against further climate change.

Please joint the ongoing fight for a clean future for yourself, your children, and everyone.  When the Ontario Energy Board enters the second and final stage of this process toward the end of August more information will be made available for readers.


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