Volunteer & Get Involved

imagesWanting to volunteer and get more involved in the fight against Climate Change?   You’ve changed your lightbulbs, put more insulation in the attic, and turned down the thermostat at night, but you’ve come to realize there’s a lot more to be done.

In times ahead on this page, we’ll draw attention to ways you can be part of the global fight against climate change, perhaps as a volunteer at some event, or by getting involved in some other way.   The recent Paris COP21 talks reached agreement on many things, but a key point being made was that everyone must be involved in the fight.

Actions that you can take today:

1.   Join a letter-writing campaign.   Tell Ottawa’s city council to divest from fossil fuels.

Divesting is something that individuals, churches, other institutions, and many cities around the world are increasingly doing in the fight against Climate Change.

350 Ottawa is helping to promote this world-wide divestment action, calling on people, institutions, and governments to sell their oil, gas and coal company stocks – in other words, to divest from fossil fuel investments – and to buy clean energy stocks instead when appropriate for them.

Right now, 350 Ottawa is supporting a local sister group that is asking Ottawa citizens to write their particular ward councillor and tell them that they want the City of Ottawa to divest from Fossil Fuel investments.   This letter-writing campaign is being organized on their website, “Price Carbon Now, ON!

Please join this campaign now.   Then share the news of this opportunity with others.   Councillors repeatedly tell us that they want to hear from their constituents.

2.  Keep up-to-date on what’s happening in the divestment movement.   Follow 350 Ottawa’s  special newspaper, “The Divestment Weekly News”.  This brings a collection of current news items to your computer on this rapidly evolving movement.


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