Welcome to 350 Ottawa’s website, your grand central station, a search hub that provides links to the key areas surrounding climate change, and, at the same time, keeps you in touch with what we at 350 Ottawa are doing to fight further climate change.  No longer will you need a vast array of bookmarks.  This sits ready for you.

This website is designed to give you a tool that enables quick access to literally thousands of articlesbooks and videos as well as websites of other environmental and related groups, print media, social media, government policies, the fossil fuel industry, and green industries.  It thereby sets the stage for users to gain a solid perspective on this most important problem.

So much is known about climate change but the battle to stop it is not being won.  The basic problem centres  on what we’ve chosen so far as our main source of energy, namely, energy-rich fossil fuels.   We all love them except for one painful fact:  they are destroying us.    In the game of Chess the only move that counts is when we check-mate the King.  All the moves we make with Bishops and Castles count for nothing until that happens.   Similarly, we can write a million blogs and have a thousand events packed with concerned citizens, but it’s only when we shift away from fossil fuels and cut back significantly on our CO2 emissions that the battle will be won.   It’s a game we’re all part of, whether we’re in the fossil fuel industry or everyday citizens, and a game we’ll all win or lose together.


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