What’s Really Warming the World?

climate-variation-factors copy

Few people, skeptics and believers in climate change alike, can explain what influence different factors have had in bringing about our warming world. The majority of people know  that major changes are occurring.  Watching the weather channel each day provides them with graphic evidence of the frequent extreme weather events, while reading about the melting ice caps adds to their awareness of these changes.  But while most know what’s happening, the majority can say little beyond that.

Fortunately, more and more, we can turn to the experts and draw on the improved graphics they can now provide for our better understanding.

Thanks to the article by Eric Roston and Blacki Migliozzi, published in Bloomberg Business on June 24, 2015, we can better see the major factors that have influenced our climate’s average temperatures over the last century.

Read their article here and see their brilliant graphics …

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